Hello to everyone or any one reading this blog post ,this my first writing so I really don’t know if anyone will really be reading this but any ways,let me introduce the blog, have had this thought of starting this blog for a while now and as I see it this the best time to start coz WHY NOT!( I’m a fun of the Peaky blinders series and I really had to use the Tommy Shelby’s favorite line😂).

You probably think that maybe I’m writing this blog on my life history and shit actually you are not wrong but the difference here is I’ll be writing my life experience in cities and towns in my country. But I lowkey wish I was writing about my life history coz damn have had quite an experience for the 20 years have happened to live this life, which of course I’m grateful for them.

I actually don’t consider myself a writer or an influencer, but I feel like someone gotta do this, I mean, I have not encountered any youth in my country talking about sustainable everything or anything. And if they are there then they are very few.

Wake up guys! Sustainable living is now a need, and don’t worry coz we’ll learn together on our responsibilities in our cities and towns. I hope when you see this blog post it will be one of those moments that you sit in a bank waiting to be served while watching news and the realize how much you actually care for environment when you see a huge forest burn or any other effects of climate change. I really wish this was an incitation blog but I’m just tryna get you to resonate with me, especially people around my age coz we are capable of a lot more that you think. I believe they are thousands of people out there that are willing to do whatever it takes to make a place they live a success.

Let’s get to the point, everyone loves living in the cities coz of a lot of reasons including job opportunities, better life and other specific reason you have on your mind, (you can revisit your history notes on urbanization for other reasons🤗) but it is different for everyone, and lemme ask this question, what do you do with the things you love? You take care of them.

I’m starting this blog to be the voice of reason, to educate and encourage ways that we can make our cities a safe place for all of us to experience our short lives no matter the age or abilities (city for all🏙️). I believe cities should be a place that makes you feel safe, I mean this is our home and do you mishandle your things at home? and for a city to evolve positively, its effectiveness is solely relied on the plan behind it(the work of our urban designers and urban planners)but mostly how the city dwellers handle it.

What I’m tryna say is, it is up to us to make the city to what we want it be. You know of a saying that goes “you are what you eat” now we should treat our cities like our bodies and handle it with as much care as we handle our bodies. Let’s not be among the mindless eaters that don’t consider the harm that any food is doing to their bodies.

Consider this a blog post on urban happiness, urban creativity and human conditions in urban areas. I actually wanted to name the blog urban happiness but, someone already has the name but then I came up with the name urban designage from urban design and urban signages. Like consider this a sign that you are supposed to change your ways of thinking and the way you handle urban areas🙄.Let me know in the comment sections if I should ignore the urban designage and take up the urban happiness name or what. Welcome to my journey of tryna convince you to live sustainably.

Feel free to contact me for a collaboration or something. And don’t forget to follow my Instagram page. You can also follow the blog ,stay tuned for more posts!

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