What I want from the Blog

Didn’t expect to write this kind of post sooner. I told myself I’ll write this on my tenth piece while doing a blog review. But here we are, welcome to my thoughts people.

The reason I find reading so fascinating is coz of the opportunity you have to be in someone else’s thoughts. Just overthink that a little. Today I’m simply letting you help me be decisive on this blog, coz you are part of this 🤗 and also give suggestions on what you want to be reading on this page.

I just had to document this thought. Not that I’m planning on quitting but publishing a weekly blog will be harder considering things are resuming back to normalcy, including school, Yes, I’m still a student. And that means your girl will be busy again tyna get the degree and bet you conquer schoolwork can be overwhelming. Not that I’m complaining but 😂 school requires commitment sometimes, actually most time. If you’ve noticed I didn’t publish any post in two weeks. That made me question if really, I will be able to keep up with posting this blog weekly.

Thanks to the pandemic I found my voice amidst it. Writing this blog has changed my perspective on different things. I was listening to a podcast can’t remember the name but the guy said “writing stuff down or documenting lets you live basically two lifetimes“.

Times I couldn’t agree more coz I go back to the blog posts I wrote a while ago and I’m always like damn was this really my thinking, but we move on regardless. Writing this blog has made me research on the topics I had zero information on. It has made me pursue topics of my genuine curiosity and passion.

Having embraced accountability, I have encountered different people with whom we’ve interacted. It has been three months since I started blogging but the expediency is A1. Writing consistently has made me add the title writer on my name lol, and also gaining skills and specific knowledge Knowledge society cannot train you on, the kind of knowledge you learn on your own. Never thought that would be me. I hope you are assuredly reading this with an open mind, like seeing the better side of writing consistently. And I’m not saying that I have reached where I wanted to be but I’m documenting this progress as a reminder to me also to impact someone to start creating now. It’s not too late, Join me!

I started this blog to catalyze people with like minds to share their thinking, talk, and discuss topics. Also, I wanted to create interesting and engaging content that will have an impact while providing valuable life insights. I didn’t want this blog to be me teaching you guys but rather us learning together. You guys are solely allowing me to simplify urban issues, to ease on understanding, and also provide urban experiences of urban centers I have visited or have an interest in. Next time you feel any of my posts aren’t hitting any of the goals, please feel free to remind me to stay on course.😊

Your thoughts and suggestions are highly valued. Talk to me, what kind of blogs do you want to read about, which post was impactful, or which one did you not like. After this, I’ll do a refresh on the whole site according to your suggestions. Connect with us so that we can work together, collaborate or share ideas. If this sounds like you, Email us or drop us a dm.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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