Good-morning , good-evening or good-any-time you are reading this. I figure you can tell how energized I am. This post will be me just rumbling about things which will aid in my posting consistency and also help me in train my writing muscle.

My last blog post steered loads of discussions on the progressing development of the Nairobi Expressway. A great deal of you all connected and many remarking in my inbox. It is always nice to share insights with you and furthermore appreciated the calls that I got on individuals needing to add more to what I have written . I appreciate the entirety of the commitment I got.

Look at this as a safe space for your opinions. Your thoughts may change the world, don’t hesitate to connect with or perhaps be a visitor author here. I’m constantly intrigued by how easily overlooked details rouse us. I opened WordPress, with the point of composing a blog post that will force a conversation on how we will manage private vehicles since they’re the principle motivation behind why we have congestions on our streets. Furthermore, in the event that you are contradicting me simply attempt and mention an observable fact on any road you will be in. Check the quantity of private vehicles versus the PSV. Fun fact😂,I’m on traffic congestion while writing this.

I’ll actually expound on that,but not just yet. I’m patient enough to stand by till the time we are ready for that discussion. I had a discussion with my friends examining if pedestrian underpass would work in Kenya and the reactions were amazing , i’ll certainly connect them here to welcome every other person to join the discussion.

I am thinking underpasses for pedestrians is really a nice idea but mostly such kind of projects would require you to have in mind several aspects like safety, convenience, crossing time, accessibility, and personal security. Actually out of all those issues, safety comes first, coz it’s what’s going to guarantee whether or not people actually use the underpass.

In Nairobi for instance, most of these aspects are some of the issues we’re dealing with while moving along the streets, both during day time na usiku. Is it a great idea? Yes. But then am thinking most of the security issues will take time to address even with the inclusion of lighting. Say something like personal security, ukiwa CBD utaibiwa tu ata mchana and mostly there’s nothing people do or sometimes, can do. How safe are the pedestrian tunnels going to be and this mostly depends on the distance but am thinking it’s quite achievable.

Faith Kinyajui.

Yes it could be costly but less struggle to the public….There are some basic maintenance stuff we’re just supposed to be doing. Drainage isn’t a negotiation…ni something every civil engineer ama a contractor ama whoever constructs roads anajua anafaa kutengeza… it’s just supposed to be there. It doesn’t matter kama ni an underpass bridge ama fly over a proper drainage system is just out of the question of inclusivity as a red flag.

I believe security can be worked out too. All security measures can just be placed na kuwa followed at per. Europeans & Westerners have underpasses for non motorists na it’s a no brainer to them. Story ya machokoch inakuwa neglected but really as tough as it sounds hawafai kuwa tao in the first place leave alone using hizo places as shelters…. They’re budgeted for kwa county governments and Kidero mentioned it time yake…I believe NMS can handle them better than CG.

I have no objection for flyovers. It’s just that there’s a better solution out there and non limiting…Ni vile we’re stupidly poor at executing ideas fully…pole..My bad

Brian Mulanda

I know of it, but it’s a hideout for street kids, and its always defaced na human waste…

Anyway, an underpass while a good idea should incorporate safety & security of it’s users… This can be achieved by having it as wide as possible in such a manner that it accommodates adequate lighting… Another thing that the wide space brings about is for instance, small stalls can be constructed at either end of the underpass, this not only addresses the safety & security issue but also creates employment however meagre it seems…

Then, there’s the issue of aesthetics, let it be aesthetic to the public, those using it or not, murals can be done on either side of the walls, it addresses the issue I’d seen raised on sight seeing…
Underpasses work elsewhere in the world, I don’t see a reason as to why they can’t work here
Thing is, regular maintenance is required and that can be achieved…

Victor Kinyuti

Take a case of university highway ukiingia UoN, that’s an underpass bridge for pedestrians. One things, hakuna site seeing mtu akitumia underpass so it kinda would be boring though safety measures observed for pedestrians.Its true kenya hatujafika hapo but its an idea that can be adopted in future.

Joshua Mugi

Kenya’s infrastructure is not ready for underpasses. We should just focus on improving other aspects of infrastructure underpasses itakam watu wakiacha kuibiwa mchana kwa streets.

Kelvin Malongo

Those are just a few sampled. Join the conversation! What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Untitled…

  1. jasper mongare says:

    Concerning congestion its a true fact…have observed too for quite some time….our country’s congestion problem will not be solved by adding more and more roads …..the purchasing power of vehicles is high currentry ……youths to old are overwhelmed with having cars in name of kuomoka…..so i think policies should be put in place that will discourage usage of private vehicles in to the cbd like adding of parking fees…….or even banning of vehicles in the cbd..non motorised transport can work more ao save on pollution problems but most should adapt usage of public means and sure enough no congestion or traffic will be ao heavy……take a survey of kiambu road i wonder if every house hold has 5 vehicles…..

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  2. Bill Chege says:

    My thoughts on congestion,, government should set rules, policies and regulations that are a bit hard on citizens in trying to solve the problem, for example taxes on pollution to all motorized transport, paying to use certain roads,, educating people on using bicycles and walking. For instance many youths want to own cars in the name of kuomoka.

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    • You have very reasonable suggestions. I came to the realization that our country has lots of skilled personnel who are able to plan for Nairobi. The problem comes on the implementation part. Let’s have hopes that the plans that NMS is executing at the moment( prioritizing NMT and decongesting the city) works.

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