Urban Designage @ One: Adventure awaits

A year has passed since I had the audacity to start putting myself out there. By out there I mean The internet. And yes, audacity is all we need. Do you know what that means? It’s been a year of you clicking the links that I share with you via email or social media.  

It’s been an exciting journey. I honestly learnt a lot from running a blog compared to what school has thought me. It has made me do more research than I have ever done on my assignments and the good thing is I have you as an audience to witness this learning process. I hope you are as proud as I am of what this baby is growing to be. 

The main lesson that I have learned is how consistency plays a huge role in our lifetimes. I have tried being consistent with my writing but school is demanding. I just finished a semester and preparing to start another semester next week. But ill update new blogs when I can. I’ll also share school projects that have made us listen to hope FM throughout the night 

For our first anniversary ill highlight Some of the oldest blog, can’t believe I’m saying old coz it’s just yesterday I was scared as hell to press the publish button of my first blog 

This was a popular post, being my first public writing even my friends could believe I write but you know what everyone can write we just need the audacity to put them publicly.
This is the kind of post I send as my blog signature. You’d want to read since it tries to question if you really need to own a car in a city 
I also recommend reading this since it talks about ways one can deal with imposter syndrome. I often revisit the post to try and implement what I wrote.

Other recommended post includes 

And here are the current stats of the blog so far 

Special thank you to: 

  • You, From the beginning, you’ve been reading and giving me thoughts on this site. Because your comments make this place more dynamic and interactive, and I’ve learned so much from them! 
  • My editor for making sure that the things I post on here make sense. 
  • My blogger friends and friends have been a big encouragement to me, always visiting my blog and motivating me with their support and comments by sending me emails, constructive criticism/corrections, or messages simply to say hello 
  • Sharing this blog with your friends and family 
  • And also Following me on social media and engaging with my posts 

Thank you for trusting this young Creative. Buckle up for the new adventure that awaits.

Cheers 🥂

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