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Let The Journey of Convincing you to live Sustainably Begin!

Urban Designage is a blog dedicated to researching urban issues in Kenya. We strive to provide authentic information and believe that change can be brought about through creating awareness.

Consider this a blog on a client and his CEO, of course, you are the CEO and I’m the client tryna pitch you my ideas on how to Live Sustainably. And it’s fingers crossed for me I hope you like them. I believe we are responsible for how our cities turn out to be.

It is no one person’s job at present to connect the agenda’s,ways of thinking, knowledge and skill bases. But if,at present,no one is responsible,then everyone is to blame for our many ugly, soulless, unworkable cities and our occasional places of delight…

What is needed is more than being a mere network or broker of professions and a required a deeply etched understanding of what essence each professional groupings brings or could bring to the art of city marking.

The Art of City Making by Charles Landry

A city’s environment is shaped by not only the people who have an important influence,but by everyone who lives and works there.

Robert Cowan