Imposter Syndrome? The Perfect solution

Ever been in a position you feel you don’t deserve to be, for whatever reasons, or felt like you are not good enough. That’s imposter syndrome. I had never come across that word till I started creating online. I remember thinking to myself. Who do I think I am to publicly post about urban matters? That question alone stopped me from starting this blog sooner. I had to research ways of dealing with it

Being a huge fan of Austin Kleon works, I’m currently reading one of his books Steal Like an Artist. A very insightful book which I recommend. In this book he highlights that All advice is autobiographical.

“its one of my theories that when people give you advice, they’re really just talking to themselves in the past”

Austin Kleon

Today’s post is me documenting a number of my findings to act as a reminder, hoping it will be of great help to you guys. Imposter syndrome doesn’t only happen to people with low self-esteem or people who lack self-confidence, in fact, it often happens to mostly high achieving people. Research says quite a good percentage of people experience this kind of feeling at some point in their lives, be it women, men, creatives, managers, students, or anybody else out there.

Imposter syndrome prevents a lot of creatives from starting up let alone evolving. Being an advocator of ‘we need more creators online’ my goal still stands. I want to inspire at least one. Figured maybe these thoughts might be holding you down from taking that first step. These are the things I have learned so far trying to figure out ways of dealing with that.

This feeling comes about when we are mostly looking inward and feeling like everyone else is judging what we are doing. The truth is most of them are just worried about themselves, they are not actively thinking about you. Always remember we choose what we believe. We determine the kind of stories that we tell ourselves about something.

Question your thoughts:

You need to ask yourself the reasons behind your thoughts, what’s making someone so great like you to think you are a fraud. Understand why you started that thing you are doing in the first place and make sure is for the right reasons. Give yourself an explanation that you are happy with. Separate feelings from facts. Have a decent review and write down genuine reasons as to why you are having those thoughts. I recommend journaling, it will help you connect the dots of your life.

Fix your Role

stepping in a stewardship role. Think of yourself as the steward of those ideas (guiding people through rather than teaching) You’ll be more imposter syndrome when you view yourself as the expert. This has really been one of my greatest hacks.

Be Consistent

Consistency seems the solution to most things. Consistency is better especially on starting things. This will aid in fixing your identity. The virtue of the frequency of actions creates your self-image. Being consistent will also make you have pride in that particular aspect of your identity, and you’ll be more motivated to maintain everything associated with it. Keep proving it to yourself with small wins.

Don’t Compare yourself

I recently learned there’s actually no winner in this life coz different people have different attributes and likes. So, people are winning different categories, everyone is running his or her own race. If you want to compare you have to consider their entire situation, not judging them in just one lane. You really don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes. Just don’t compare.

Keep Educating Yourself

If you feel less expert on that field, educating yourself about that field will make you more knowledgeable about it. Always remember intelligence isn’t fixed, It comes through continuous learning. Do research, google everything, and ask the people who are already doing it how they manage.

Have a positive-growing mindset

that everything we do is all part of growing or its learning process be it our wins or our losses, determine ways of dealing with your failures.

Fake it till you make it

“Another way to say this? Fake it ’til you make it.
I love this phrase. There are two ways to read it:
1. Pretend to be something you’re not until you are—fake it until you’re successful. Until everybody sees you the way you want them to; or

2. Pretend to be making something until you actually make something.
I love both readings—you have to dress for the job you want, not the job you have, and you have to start doing the work you want to be doing.”

Austin Kleon;Steal like an Artist

What happens when you finally get the courage to start creating online?

  • Are you willing to stay patient?
  • Are you willing to make sacrifices for it?
  • Are you willing to fall in love with boredom?

Topic for another day. Remember to choose the best part that you believe in, the kind of judgment that other people pass on that’s their choice. And make sure you are enjoying the process of whatever thing you are doing.

I’d love to hear thoughts on this.

Facts About Kitale You Need to Know

I love spending my afternoons either enjoying the nice weather while going through my socials or doing physical activities, either going for a bike ride or an afternoon run. Today I’m sitting under a tree writing this piece. (Thinking of ways to impress you guys with this intimate story about my home town😂) I always think to myself, how lucky I’m I to call such a place home. mainly coz of the weather especially around this harvesting times.(The weather here is priceless)

You remember writing in your compositions that “I was woken up by the chirping of the birds(and all kind of environment descriptions)” this is literally the place you were talking about😂. And if you’ve happened to visit this place, during this time or call this place home you probably understand what I’m talking about. Every time I come home after a long time I’m always hit with the same feels of good vibes and peacefulness. At my age I still get homesick and just yearn to come home, It will always remain my best option if I need a getaway place from anything.

I can go on and on about how I love this place, forgetting that this blog is on urban issues, I just felt the need to express my home passionate love in an urban setting blog. I remember writing on my introduction post that I will be writing about my experiences of towns and cities I have interests in or ones that I have happened to visit. I just thought to myself why not start with my hometown. Plus, a good friend asked me to write about it,and it was a good idea since I’m able to report things I have one on one experience with.

I remember telling him there’s almost no interesting thing about the town, from its planning to the services to everything. But this is me trying to be charitable about it (Being nice and viewing something in the best light, simply finding 70 reasons why that particular thing is amazing or excusing the way it is)

But chill ain’t going to highlight 70 coz I’ll be stuck on the 5th or at most the 10th. I’ll highlight the myths, misconceptions, and facts associated with the place. Coz I have interacted with friends who happened not to know if this town even exits… so most time I’m hit with where is that? (and it’s always heartbreaking to find out someone doesn’t know about this place) I’ll answer all of your questions about Kitale in this post, or rather take you on to a virtual tour of Kitale Town. But I welcome your contribution, especially for people who’ve visited the town.This is a safe space for all of your urban issues.

The town serves as the administrative and commercial capital of Trans Nzoia County, also a frontier town of the northern part of Kenya. It is situated between Mt. Elgon and Cherang’any Hills. The place is generally gorgeous mostly coz its physical properties. You’ll be welcomed on your entrance to town with the amazing trail of trees along the roads, be it on Eldoret-Kitale highway, Webuye -Kitale road, or Kapenguria – Kitale road. The county government has really tried conserving those trees coz they really are old. Those trees contribute positively to the serene feels of the town. And it’s an amazing feeling entering the town especially if you are a first-timer in that town.

Most people assume that majority of the population that lives in Kitale belongs to The Luhya ethnic group, but surprise! surprise! Kitale is a Cosmopolitan region of tribes. But Ugali remains the staple food due to the availability of cornflour.

If you are looking for a cheaper place to stay, then Kitale should top your list. Houses are affordable compared to other towns. plus, food around the region is in plenty, Hence the name “the cereal basket of Kenya”. Most residents of the town are farmers mostly of maize, wheat, beans, potatoes, dairy products, you name it. The rich soil types, high altitudes with a fair gradient topography, and above all the favourable weather patterns around the region is the region’s biggest asset to the growth of a lot of crops. (Agricultural town)

Roasted maize, Image source: Unsplash

You literally can’t walk anywhere around the region without you spotting a vast field of maize plantation. People are generally homely and ready to help anyone, including strangers. I don’t know a lot about the crime rate within the urban setting, what I know is, my phone is safer in this town compared to any other town in the country😂.

The best things about the region are located outside towns. Places to visit while you are around the region include:

  • Mt Elgon National Park (I love this place coz of the caves, hikes, and home of different wild animals)
  • Saiwa Swamp National park.
  • Kitale Museum.
  • Kitale Nature Conservancy( Ndura Park)
  • Treasures of Africa Museum
  • Cherang’any Hill ranges( I recommend the orange sunset view from the south of the town, just marvelous)

Although the town has a slow growth rate, some of the recent and ongoing transformation in Kitale includes. (Most of them have websites for each development)

  • The Interchange as you enter CBD from Eldoret.
  • The Kitale bus park.
  • Kitale Market.
  • Trans Nzoia Teaching and referral hospital.
  • Amagoro Park.
  • The glass façade structures in CBD: One tanna tower ,Tuskeys building (almost closed) and Yes Plaza (young adults love it here) All this situated along Kenyatta street making the street among the busiest streets. Also the availability of chain stores and chain banks along the street make the streets busy. Line Moja street, another busy street: Being the main entrance of the town from different parts of the region and also host of major bus, matatus and railway terminal. The street also hosts a lot of business stalls, informal industries (jua kali industry), second hand clothes, bus and matatu terminals and railway terminal.

The town is generally poorly planned and maintained hence majority of the urban problems. Kitale town has linear pattern growth, urban development growing along major roads. Main urban issues include:

  • Poor accessibility and transportation links: The town has poor road surfaces with no space designated for pedestrians. non-functional railway lines despite the majority of the population depend on public means of transport which are unreliable. Most roads don’t meet the urban setting standards.
  • Traffic congestion in CBD especially peak hours: inadequate parking spaces and unorganized public transport especially on matatus, taxis tuktuk, and bodabodas.
  • Poor management of solid waste: undesignated dumping areas in CBD, almost no litter bins around the town
    Encroachment of road reserves by motorists and, more so boda-boda riders: This is the kind of town you can’t apply the crossing road knowledge (look right, left, and right again) that we were taught in primary school.
  • Almost no stormwater drainage infrastructure.
  • The town has inadequate green space.
  • Inadequate market and industrial facilities: Traders and Jua kali industry are congested along Laini Moja streets, leading to others taking to sell at the streets of CBD inconveniencing traders.
  • Inadequate higher institution facilities: Most residents relocate to other towns in search of higher learning which is a letdown coz the town is rich in the best performing mission highschools.
  • Inadequate terminal facilities for buses and matatus
  • Inadequate street lighting: some parts in CBD are poorly lit at night
  • The town lacks a land-use plan to control housing development: hence informal settlement in areas like Kipsongo, Shimo la Tewa, and Tiwani.

These are just a few observable problems around the urban area. Going into the rural part of the region major problems are Inaccessible roads during wet seasons and 60% of the population in the region live below the poverty line. We really need to rethink the planning incentives of the town. If no planning action will be taken, the town will have no defined direction growth which will create more urban problems including shrinking of the agricultural land. Some of the solution to curb the urban problem in Kitale:

  • The governance of the region has a huge impact on how the town will look like in the future. Good governance will enhance the effectiveness of the town and municipal planning.
  • We need to create a well-planned and functional municipality that will create an investor-friendly environment and aid in its growth. This will increase the economic vibrancy which will in turn create more job opportunities hence improve the living standards of the people in the region
  • Being an agricultural town, it can be structured by various development concepts, Including the Concentric zone model, The garden city model, or sector model. This will give the town a more structured growth that can be controlled.
  • Have environment policies that prevents encroachment of conserved areas.
  • Increase the local access to quality higher education and training: This will foster a more informed and creative society
  • Improve transport links to town: Provision of a better transport system, and road infrastructure, revitalize rail transit.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

What Makes Rwanda Africa’s Most Inspiring Success Story

I’m curious, where do you get your news from? apart from memes and twitter. I did a poll on my Instagram account but I’d love to hear from you. As for me, I prefer not watching Tv news, especially during these pandemic times, coz of the negative anxiety that’s comes with it. I think watching the news makes me worry about things that are beyond my control.

Not that I don’t care about what’s going on, but the news makes me look at the world within the mindset that created the problems. someone might say, why don’t you just have a mindset shift or watch the news with an open mind but different people have different ways of protecting their mental health.

That has been my biggest hack to stay sane during this time. I avoid the news to keep my head around the things I care about, so I prefer customizing my google to bring me news on topics I care about or just randomly checking my socials especially my twitter account to keep myself on the know.

Speaking of twitter, Today’s post is a series of urban tweets I came across, that might interest you, and simply admiring Rwanda as a country. Y’all have heard how the country is termed as beautiful and of the most inspiring success story in Africa. I know that title’s huge, but the country has really done a good job of bouncing back from the tragic 1994 Rwandan Genocide. In this post, we will highlight and discuss several things that make the country unique and beautiful. I too, wish was writing about my country. But there’s a lot of lessons we can learn from them. More so what we can achieve with good leadership and discipline from its citizens.

Rwanda is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see. We can say this country is generally blessed just like many of the countries in Africa. Although the country is landlocked, it’s geography is beautiful, filled with mountains, savannah, lakes (Lake Kivu), and hills hence its nickname:” The land of a thousand hills

The city has Instagram-worthy view, so there’s plenty of viewpoints. Environment and animal conservation are a major priority in the country. The country has a diverse ecosystem and Its government is committed to ensuring that, the local environment is preserved. Since they have worked tirelessly to protect the mountain gorillas in the Virunga mountain range and the environment generally. In 2008, Rwanda banned the use of plastic bags in efforts to go green.

Kigali’s growing business district simply explains the country’s growth stories. This is coz of the successful government policies that have enabled the country to experience a fast transforming economy. Although a percentage of its citizens live below the poverty line, The Rwandan president has noted his ambition to make the country the ‘Singapore of Africa’. In spite of being the smallest country in East Africa, it is listed among the safest country in the world, ahead of countries like New Zealand. This has made tourism to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. Interesting places to visit are the Volcanoes National Park and the Kigali Genocide Memorial. This tweet will explain the kind of leadership this country has.

Simple policies like having a clean-up session that every able-bodied person age ranges from 18 to 65 participates have made them be ranked as the cleanest country in Africa. The clean-up session is called Umuganda meaning: coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome. Some will argue that it’s because of how dense its population is, but it takes a lot to achieve that, from its leadership to the discipline of its citizen. If you’ve seen the recent story: Lessons from Rwanda that Jeff Koinage (Kenyan news anchor) did that was aired on Citizen tv then you’ll understand what I’m talking about. The streets are so clean!

The city is an example of a human city since its beautiful, functional, and able to accommodate its citizen population. It is at the forefront of urbanism and sustainable transport, it’s quite easy to get around the city because of the safe motorbike taxis. Beautified streets and quality footpaths of the city center and people can walk safely at night. Kigali Convention Centre being one of the most iconic places in the city

67 Percent of the parliament’s positions are occupied by women. This is a wow factor since women around the world are going against the traditional gender roles to take positions of power, which is happening at a higher rate than normal in Rwanda.

Rwanda is definitely a must visit place. You can add other fun facts about Rwanda that you know off and it’s fascinating. I came across this other tweet but that’s a topic for another day.

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We need to Humanise Cities.

My introductions have always started with life insights or me recommending a nice book or a Tv show, (I assume you’ve noticed that by now), but today’s different. I remember commenting somewhere that I didn’t want this to be a rant blog, but our city’s situation is wanting!

I’m writing this with lots of emotions coz of the heartbreaking accident of a cyclist that happened on Thika Road, Nairobi. (may his soul rest in peace) I was so touched by the numbers that came out on the cyclist lives matter protest that happened on Saturday. That clearly showed how unsafe our roads are for the non-motorists in the Nairobi

I often imagine cycling (as an alternative to beat the traffic) but only the thought of it, is scary, from my safety, the routes to take, and where to park my bicycle. The city itself is discouraging the few that are reasonable enough to take responsibility on their own hands to reduce air pollution and at least decongest the city. I agree we all are responsible for how our cities turn out to be. But how can we even afford to take responsibility if the city itself isn’t built for us? Today’s post is a call for creating more human spaces in cities and towns.

Being a non-motorist in Kenya is clearly a death sentence. That’s the main reason why the majority of the population insists on driving themselves around the city. This continues to increase the number of cars on roads thus congestion and air pollution.

A program was recently done by Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) which involved the conversion of spaces into pedestrian walkways and cycling lanes, to make it easy for residents to walk and cycle from home to work in the CBD. Instead, motorists are already parking along the walkways, inconveniencing pedestrians as well as cyclists. This article highlights the shocking numbers of pedestrians and cyclists that die in road accidents in Kenya.

The term humanising the city means humans become the dominant priority in the organisation of the cities’ spaces. (cities serving the people who live in them). This is important since the citizens are the city, if the citizens are not feeling comfortable then, the city certainly is not human-centered. There needs to be a shift in the way cities are developed, cities should be developed with the intent to create better places for humans to inhabit. Urban designers and planners should consider the following strategies to Humanise space in cities and towns;-

  • Have visions and goals towards human-centered cities.
  • Have approaches that recognize problems that city dwellers face yet it also providers economic incentives.
  • Have engagement platforms to get to know what the citizens want.

Human-centered design will have a huge impact on the sense and vibrancy of the city, its advantages include:

  • Create a better place for humans to live.
  • Will make cities and human settlements more inclusive, resilient, safer, and more sustainable.
  • It will empower citizens to make more informed decisions.
  • Attracts density of people to use the NMT.

We’d love to see less car-centric streets and more pedestrians oriented.

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How cities affects our mental health.

I love self- development books, the how-tos and the secret to kind of books, or scientifically proven ways on how to accomplish a certain task books. Just like the one I mentioned in my previous post.

Don’t get me wrong I also love me some good stories, first the logic-oriented books or the ones that introduce you to so many new concepts that make you change the way you think about certain things. I discovered another mind opener book called The courage to be disliked by Ichiro Kishimi, Fumitake Koga. The book has so many pieces of wisdom that not only had me rethink my life perspective but also allowed me to put new truths into action. Let me just mentions bits that broadened my thinking:

  • Trauma doesn’t exist, people just choose that kind of life. (yeah right, I was surprised too, sounds victim blaming but he explains his perspective)
  • If we are upset about something its coz of the story, we are telling ourselves about that particular thing.
  • We choose to be unhappy and we are using that particular circumstance to justify that. (happiness is a choice)
  • You are the only one who’s worried about how you look. (people are busy worrying about themselves, what makes you think that they are actively thinking about you?🤡)
  • Choose the best path that you believe in, what kind of judgment that other people pass on that choice, that’s the task of other people and that’s a matter you can’t do anything about it.
  • We should not compliment or insults anyone but only give affirmations.

I think that’s enough to get you reading the book. Just don’t overthink it, and question everything including people that suffer from mental health problems. I don’t know a lot about mental health but what I know is, some mental health problems are a result of both genetic and environmental factors. Read the book with an open mind and take away the good ideas.

Speaking of mental health. How are you feeling today? How’s your mental health? September is National Suicide Prevention Month, I thought I would write about how urban life affects our mental health. The questions of urban living and mental health is a complex issue that’s related to many other interrelated factors. Urban life exerts a huge impact on our wellbeing including mental health. The impacts can either be positive or negative.

Studies show that urban dwellers have a 20% higher risk of developing anxiety disorders and a 40% risk of developing mood disorders. Urban stressors include air and noise pollution, lack of enough greenery, traffic congestion, etc. These challenges are brought by the rapid pace that our cities and towns are growing. (Effects of urbanisation) Social stress is the main factor that causes mental disorders in urban areas. Like living in crowded areas will bring you stress.

The key to improving our wellbeing in urban areas is by making the city more livable and concentrating the city design on Sensory Landscape. By sensory landscape I mean the smelling, hearing, seeing, touching, and even tasting of the city. we often interpret the city through the technical rather than the sensory, yet it is the sensory from which we build feeling and emotion and through which our psychological landscapes are built.

Just differentiate the feeling you have when you walk on Moi Avenue street and the one that’s on Aga khan Walk on a sunny day. Lots of study shows how our interactions with nature improve our state of mind because people tend to be more active in nature and sights sounds and smell of the greenery boosts our mood.

Aga khan walk.Nairobi.

The physical nature of cities also puts a strain on the emotional wellbeing of their inhabitants. When planning new neighbourhoods and refurbishing existing ones we should put in mind phycological health. What if our city planners and designers start their plan with words like beauty, love, happiness, or excitement as opposed to spatial outcomes or ‘planning framework? We need to understand people’s emotions. A lot of us are talking about sustainable development forgetting that cities need to be psychologically and emotionally sustaining. If we are talking about sustainability let it be sustained across a range.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinion on this. Get in Touch!

Edited by Noor

Why You Should Start Creating Online.

I don’t know about you, but I find it weird if someone isn’t fascinated by the idea of having a collection of things stored somewhere, that he or she cares about, and can be accessed any day or any time, no matter the century. Of course, I’m talking about the internet, I assume you all know how the internet works I don’t need to dive on that topic, or why don’t you just google it😊! That’s how fascinating our world is.

I myself considers creating online like documenting number of things that I care about hoping it might be helpful or educative to someone else. You know how you guys are told that You have to leave a legacy, have you ever thought of living a legacy without a lot of hassle? You can actually create digital legacy by creating online🤗. Thanks to cheap storage and easy copying, our digital presence has the potential to be truly immortal. You actually never know who is watching and your work might draw a lot of influence to yourself or your business if you have one (Okay, I have never googled if the internet can be deleted😂) This blog post is here generally to convince you to start creating online remember I’m tryna recruit you on my team. Don’t lose the track that you are the CEO here🙂.

Once I found out that people were really making careers for themselves off the internet, independently, I was really inspired.

Lil Peep

Today I’ll talk about reasons you should start creating online, or rather show casing your work online, live alone the saving time and convenience reasons, my perspective view on this. And if you are my friend and you are reading this you probably will be bored with this piece coz of the number of times, I have tried to convince you to start creating online. Can’t say I’m a pro at this but I’m the kind of person who like sharing my thoughts and opinion on things or just sharing what I have recently discovered thinking it might be of help. And since I recently started this blog, I also want to inspire someone to have the courage to put him or herself out there plus I don’t mind having a community of new creators around🤗.

This piece is inspired by the book I recently read, Show your work by Austin Kleon. I loved how the guy elaborated on 10 ways one can share creativity and get discovered, and it’s definitely a life changing book which I highly recommend one to read. It’s the kind of book you’ll be torn in between which words to highlight coz the whole damn book is useful.

The internet has created a lot of possibilities, we are in an era where if you don’t have an online presence you are limiting your entire life to physical space around you. Why would you want to do that🤔? Some of the advantages of creating online:

  • It gives you the chance to share whatever thing you are interested.
  • Enables you to push your intellectual value beyond your geographical space (you can actually make a difference with this)
  • Enable you to meet a lot of people beyond your geographical space (like how else would you meet new people apart from your friends and maybe the people you happen to run into your daily activities)
  • Creating online enables one to enhance personal brand.
  • Build your professional network.
  • Earn more Exposure.

Imagine if your next boss didn’t have to read your résumé because he already reads your blog. Imagine being a student and getting your first gig based on a school project you posted online. Imagine losing your job but having a social network of people familiar with your work and ready to help you find a new one. Imagine turning a side project or a hobby into your profession because you had a following that could support you

Austin Kleon

The thing that will give you courage to start creating online is when you start expanding your box leave alone thinking out of the box. Consuming enough of other people’s stories and content will make you see that it is something even you can do. I also came across a writer who frames the creating online thing so well, I gained the courage to start this blog from his post. In this piece he analyses reasons why many are scared to share online,he mentions most of the useful tools that one might need to start. He also talks about the pros and the cons of creating online better. No need to repeat his point, you might as well go and check out the piece. You’ll be inspired, I promise.

The trick is to pick something that you are genuinely interested in so that you enjoy the whole process. And It’s always not about the money, it’s all about adding value to the conversation to an extend period of time, then you’ll start seeing the benefits. Even if they’ll be nothing tangible that will come out it, you’ll still be glad you started it.

The internet is an easy way of putting your work out there and making it discoverable while you get good at it. You actually don’t need to know everything so as to start creating online. There’s is a lot of tools built for almost everything e.g. Grammaly to correct your grammar. Everyone can write! Why don’t you join me and maybe build a community of learners here!

Do we really need to own cars in cities?

You grow up, graduate, get that first job, what next? Owning that ride. Have you ever asked yourself if you really need to own one in a city? Maybe not. That’s one of the invisible shackles most of us just follow without questioning. (invisible shackles are the unsaid rules we follow coz maybe you were raised by that, like following a life script)

The answer to our today’s topic relies on your specific situations: where you live, where you work and what you do for fun. But the question is worth asking . The best thing about owning a car is the convenience and freedom it offers other than that, there’s really not much it offers unless it is used for business purposes. Cars are expensive to buy and maintain, they of course require time and attention just like a child and they also break down occasionally, leaving you stranded at the roadside. But most people can’t imagine life without their wheels. The good news is, not everyone needs to own a car especially people living in cities.

Image from Unsplash.

Vehicles are a major contributor to air pollution. More than half the world’s population now live in cities, and it is said that the numbers will increase in the coming years. As people move to cities there will be more cars on roads, more traffic congestion and less green space unless we do something about it.(I really hope you get how serious this is😔) The person who is suffering, it’s you, the city dweller because of fumes and smog you consume on a daily basis. Soon it will be healthier to stay indoors rather than going out and inhaling poisonous gases

Of course, measures to reduce emissions and develop cleaner fuels have been put in place. Other cities have tried omitting old cars and others manufacturing electric cars. But what if we rethink the use of our roads, not for cars alone but for walking, cycling and skating.Traffic congestion has worsened during peak and off-peak hours and is mainly due to rapid increase in car ownership. The main reasons why people insist on driving themselves around the city its coz of :

  • lack of Non-Motorized Transport Provisions-strategies have to be put in place that will make more people feel safe to choose the NMT as an alternative.
  • Inefficient and Unreliable Public Transport– cities should be characterized by an effective Mass Rapid Transit system that includes Bus Rapid Transit.
  • Weak Land Use planning and Development-Mobility range to be reduce by planning more compact neighborhoods that will reduce the need for long distance commuting.
Image from Unsplash

Cities around the world are starting to see that they’ll be cleaner and, healthier if the city is generally designed for the people not cars. Some cities are going further and transforming space that were previously dedicated to cars into pedestrian walkways.There just isn’t enough room on city streets for everyone to sit in a car of their own.

“if you design spaces for cars they’ll fill with cars. If you design spaces for people they’ll fill with people”

Before owning a ride evaluate the value you are getting from it. Does owning fit your monthly budget and lifestyle? Track your mileage, where do you stay? You can’t be staying near your workplace and yet you are thinking of owning one. And if you really think you need to own one have you considered other alternatives like ride sharing, calling a cab, carpooling and if you only need access to a car on very rare occasions simply rent one.

The 5 Cs why people buy material things generally: Convenience, Comfort, Creation, Connection, Consummation. Other reasons may be for pleasure of the flesh or pleasure of the flex. Pleasure of the flesh is the experience you get from using a particular thing. For instance, the feeling you get from maybe driving a high speed car. Pleasure of flex is the pleasure that comes after status seeking.

I hope this blog helps you rethink about which of these 5 categories are you really hitting when doing a car purchase. Is it to improve the experience of the 5Cs or are you getting it for flesh or flex, which is fine. I’m not judging! we all are playing status games in one way or another as long as you are being intentional. Actually, it’s not fine there a lot more ways to play this status seeking games. There’s more to what money can buy rather than congesting and polluting our cities. Go on that trip, travel the world with that money, purchase something that won’t affect the environment. Is it too much to ask to at least be responsible of where you live?

I think advertisements plays a role on our purchases, why does it have to be, maybe that big nice house with a fancy car beside it? A lot of us need a mindset shift, owning car doesn’t equal success or richness, so don’t own one for the sake of being perceived that umeomoka.And as consumers a lot of things we do are very unsub-conscious and if we become more conscious the way our mind works; I think that’s a benefit on itself.

Some of the advantages of car free life includes: Savings-not owning one will save you the cost of the car itself, gas, insurance, maintenance and parking. Health-Giving up your car will practically force you to spend time moving your body which will improve your health since you are excising, other advantages are ,Less Stress and Less pollution. You can get some of the same benefits by going car light, (car- light means you can still keep your car but only use it once in a while)

Live more intentional,Like I said on my first post we really are responsible for how our city turns out.Next time you are stuck in a traffic jam, sitting motionless in your car just remember this blog post😂.I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


Hello to everyone or any one reading this blog post ,this my first writing so I really don’t know if anyone will really be reading this but any ways,let me introduce the blog, have had this thought of starting this blog for a while now and as I see it this the best time to start coz WHY NOT!( I’m a fun of the Peaky blinders series and I really had to use the Tommy Shelby’s favorite line😂).

You probably think that maybe I’m writing this blog on my life history and shit actually you are not wrong but the difference here is I’ll be writing my life experience in cities and towns in my country. But I lowkey wish I was writing about my life history coz damn have had quite an experience for the 20 years have happened to live this life, which of course I’m grateful for them.

I actually don’t consider myself a writer or an influencer, but I feel like someone gotta do this, I mean, I have not encountered any youth in my country talking about sustainable everything or anything. And if they are there then they are very few.

Wake up guys! Sustainable living is now a need, and don’t worry coz we’ll learn together on our responsibilities in our cities and towns. I hope when you see this blog post it will be one of those moments that you sit in a bank waiting to be served while watching news and the realize how much you actually care for environment when you see a huge forest burn or any other effects of climate change. I really wish this was an incitation blog but I’m just tryna get you to resonate with me, especially people around my age coz we are capable of a lot more that you think. I believe they are thousands of people out there that are willing to do whatever it takes to make a place they live a success.

Let’s get to the point, everyone loves living in the cities coz of a lot of reasons including job opportunities, better life and other specific reason you have on your mind, (you can revisit your history notes on urbanization for other reasons🤗) but it is different for everyone, and lemme ask this question, what do you do with the things you love? You take care of them.

I’m starting this blog to be the voice of reason, to educate and encourage ways that we can make our cities a safe place for all of us to experience our short lives no matter the age or abilities (city for all🏙️). I believe cities should be a place that makes you feel safe, I mean this is our home and do you mishandle your things at home? and for a city to evolve positively, its effectiveness is solely relied on the plan behind it(the work of our urban designers and urban planners)but mostly how the city dwellers handle it.

What I’m tryna say is, it is up to us to make the city to what we want it be. You know of a saying that goes “you are what you eat” now we should treat our cities like our bodies and handle it with as much care as we handle our bodies. Let’s not be among the mindless eaters that don’t consider the harm that any food is doing to their bodies.

Consider this a blog post on urban happiness, urban creativity and human conditions in urban areas. I actually wanted to name the blog urban happiness but, someone already has the name but then I came up with the name urban designage from urban design and urban signages. Like consider this a sign that you are supposed to change your ways of thinking and the way you handle urban areas🙄.Let me know in the comment sections if I should ignore the urban designage and take up the urban happiness name or what. Welcome to my journey of tryna convince you to live sustainably.

Feel free to contact me for a collaboration or something. And don’t forget to follow my Instagram page. You can also follow the blog ,stay tuned for more posts!