Sustainability is now a need!

I love documentaries; those life-altering documentaries are my favorite to watch. On this particular day, I decided to watch this one, The True Cost, which covers the damage humans have done to the planet. The True Cost highlights the fashion industry’s horrific exploitation of the planet and its people.

It didn’t take long for it to sink in that I actually care about these things. Coincidentally, my sufficient writing skills and the fact that I was pursuing a degree in Urban Design proved to be a good combination for me to begin blogging. Blogging about the issues I care about, hoping those around me get to see my perspective.

I wish that for everyone, the awakening part, the realization that you care about where you live, your neighborhood, or the city in which you live. I hope this blog provides you with that opportunity. I hope you are, or you eventually get tired of living in mediocre spaces like me, spaces that lack necessities like a tree, and muster the courage to take actionable steps.

I remain adamant that urban planning and design are not the sole purviews of our architects, urban designers, or planners, nor are they a one-person or one-professional job. The famous quote by Robert Cowan Says

A city’s environment is shaped not only by the people who have an important influence but by everyone who lives and works there.

I’ve written several pieces advocating for better urban spaces, one of my favorites being   Do we really need to own cars in cities? Tag along if such kinds of posts and articles interest you.